Feb 3rd, 2011
  • PahCha’RT’ag Terminology

    Abstract: Non-figurative or slightly accurate
    Animal: Other than human
    Barcode | ||| ||: Lines or squares similar to 1D or 2D data symbols
    Chaos: Disorganized mixture of universe
    Conceptual: Convey social, political or philosophical ideas
    Design: Furniture only
    Experimental: Extend art boundaries in terms of materials or techniques
    Food: Portray or use of any nutritional support
    Graffiti: Scratched street art, slogans
    Hi-Res: Hyper realism that appears to be high-resolution photographs
    Installation: Designed to exist in a specific space
    Minimalist: Small number of colors, lines or shapes (monochrome)
    Objects: Everyday objects as central element
    Performance: Interaction with the audience
    Photo(graphy): Creative vision of the photographer as artist
    Portrait: Snapshot of a person or a society
    Poster: Any texture that clones a wall or the reality of the streets
    Water: Portray or use of liquid (mercury, mineral oil, organic oil, water)


    Concrete: Cement, chalk, clay, dust, marble, plaster, rock, sand, etc
    Fiber: Bones, fabrics (textile), leather, plant, wood, wool, etc
    Graphics: Collage - mixed media (paper, screenprinting, stencil, etc)
    Metal: Aluminum, gold, steel, etc
    Polyester: Fiberglass, plastic, resin, rubber, silicon, etc

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